With a Donation To AWP,  Everybody Wins!

Nothing feels better than knowing you’ve made a difference!

Lynn Stallings is a force of positivity who nurtures talent, understands the complexities of our business and invests time and energy into every relationship because she knows ours is an industry that involves a balance between the creative process and fair deal brokering.  Lynn is caring, shrewdly aware of what it takes to succeed and warmly diplomatic….a wonderful combination. Her organizational skills are unquestionable, her eye for talent is sharp, her relationships are solid and long spanning…..I’m so very excited to see submissions come in from Lynn and her team when I next post a casting break down.

Bonnie Gillespie

Author & Casting Director

I have been fortunate to have established a wonderful working relationship with Lynn.  As one of the most respected instructors for kids and teens, I would never hesitate to refer talent to her programs.  She is not only one of the best instructors in Atlanta but she is also one of the nicest people you will meet in this industry.

Jen Kelley

Casting Director

AWP is an oasis of creativity and acceptance that stands out among schools of acting. My time spent working with Don and Lynn were some of the best summers of my life. When working with AWP, you will leave not only a better performer, but most likely a more passionate, compassionate and empathetic human being.

Michael McCracken

Talent Agent

Lynn Stallings has been a wonderful part of our acting community here for many years.  Her professional skills and teaching abilities have helped many actors become not just good, but great. I would like to highly recommend her. We stand behind everything she does.

Brian Beegle

Director of Casting

The team at AWP is professional and connected in the marketplace, a great group to train with. My own daughter attended AWP camp over a decade ago and we both still count it as one of the highlights of her youth.

Mystie Buice

Agency Director

AWP embraces each person’s gifts and talents as unique and valuable.  The environment is warm yet challenging and because of this, students build self esteem, self awareness, and also learn to appreciate others because of their differences, not in spite f them. AWP delivers top notch training in a fun, approachable format.

Jamie Oreffice


AWP has become a second home to my children.  It’s a place where they can grow creatively and as humans, in a safe, fun, environment. AWP fosters positivity and encouragement of all students, regardless of differences!

Margie Verdon


AWP has been instrumental to my son’s success.  The love, encouragement, and unparalleled training has boosted his confidence level.  He has also booked numerous roles since he has started training here in August.  We love this place!

Lenie Grant


At AWP I know that my child is being challenged and nurtured not only as a performer, but as a human being. Lynn and Don teach life lessons as well as acting lessons… You don’t get that just anywhere.

Miriam Garrett


AWP is a place you can go to get away from all the stress, it has a good family environment.

Katelyn Layne

AWP Student

Everything, it just helps me go to a place where I don’t worry about school and I just do what I love.

Lauryn Reed

AWP Student

It is a safe place to come back to, you get to reunite with all the friends that you have made in previous years.

Morgan Beck

AWP Student

AWP means freedom to express yourself.

Sarah N. Evans

AWP Student

AWP means a great deal to me, I’ve met so many accepting people that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.  I am so glad to be part of AWP.

Olivia Walsh

AWP Student

AWP means family and love.

Brett Cooper

AWP Student

AWP is literally my favorite place in the world.” “It means friends and love at all times.

Kendall Parrott

AWP Student

AWP is amazing because they accept you, you can express your feelings there.

Amanda Foreman

AWP Student

Love, Family, and Friendship, here you can show your true self!

Hannah G

AWP Student

Family, fellowship, joy.  I grew up here and its made me the happy woman I am today.

Ally Clements

AWP Student

AWP means to me that I am surrounded by various talents that I would want to learn along with being accepted for who I am.

Michael Gambrell

AWP Student

AWP is a place where I can learn how to be a better person and become better at doing what I love.

Giana Clovis

AWP Student

It means love.  The person I am and the person I was before I came to camp.  The love, acceptance, and positivity I got became part of the way I always try to treat people.

JT Tarpav

AWP Student

AWP is my other home!  It brings out my passions, talents, and love.  It means encouragement to help others succeed!

Leah Schultz

AWP Student

Being here at AWP made me more hopeful person and it was the greatest experience of my life.

Annie Martin

AWP Student

AWP is a dream.  It’s a place where I meet my imaginary friends in real life, where my fantasy dream starts to come true, and my imagination starts becoming a reality.  It’s where I can start to see my Destiny.

Hayley Wolfe

AWP Student

AWP means family; It means a safe place to try new and scary things and a place to learn while having crazy amounts of fun.


Nikki Friedberg

AWP Student

AWP is a home away from home.  It’s one of the only places where I can feel like myself.” “To me, AWP means family with unconditional love that is not afraid to correct my wrongs and guide me along the way.

Ashleigh Boyce

AWP Student

AWP is my home outside of home. Everyone there is like family to me and I know that I can go to them whenever I need a shoulder to lean on. AWP has helped me grow so much as a performer and has made me a better person as well. AWP is the one place that I can be myself without worrying that I’ll be judged.

Khamary Grant

AWP Student