To Power the Good and Change the World!


Atlanta Workshop Players is forming a team of talented, skilled, creative, young filmmakers with a passionate desire to make the world a more human-friendly place. CLICK HERE to apply as a filmmaker.

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Here’s how it works:
A group of young, promising filmmakers, with a passionate desire to make the world a more human-friendly place, will work intensely with industry pros to train in story-telling and film production.  They will brainstorm with artists and counselors to identify subjects of great importance to teens in our society. Then they’ll turn those ideas into professionally produced Movies, Documentaries & Public Service Announcements.  These voices will be heard by hundreds of participants AND hundreds of thousands of audience members.  The goal is to be the solution!   These movies will have purpose and an impact. Wow!!  It doesn’t get better than that!  It’s awesome to be a filmmaker……AND if you can be a filmmaker AND your movies change lives …that’s fantastic!

Work with Industry Pros.   Filmmaker/Mentors including:

* Mary Lou Belli (Emmy Award Winning Television Director-LA)

* Ryan Darst (Award Winning Film Director, Screenwriter-LA)

* John DiDonna (Award Winning Director, Master Teacher, Actor-Orlando)

* Lane Ellis (Technical Advisor-LA)

* Ken Feinberg (Award Winning Film Director, Screenwriter-Atlanta)

* Zack Hosseini (Award Winning Film Director, Editor, Screenwriter-Atlanta)

* Zach LaLiberte (Film Director, Screenwriter, Actor-LA)

* Lysandra Petersson (Filmmaker, Editor-LA)

* Ashlyn Stallings (Talent Coordinator, Actor-NYC)

* Don Stallings (Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Actor-Atlanta)

* Lynn Stallings (Director, Producer, Founder of  Atlanta Workshop Players-Atlanta)

MAKE A MOVIE MAKE A DIFFERENCE is really about building life-skills & confidence and work ethic AND finding your voice.  A strong voice.  One that is gutsy enough to speak out in the face of bullying or to speak up to guide a friend whose going down the wrong path.  Gutsy enough to let your playful side run free and enjoy life to its fullest.  It’s about being confident enough to reach out to that kid that just doesn’t fit in….because that kid matters.  People can feel it when they are appreciated.  It’s about understanding & human connection and lifting people up!  Everyone deserves to be loved.  That’s what its all about.  You’re what its all about.  Now it’s time to make a difference, make an impact, take action and BE the solution.

To apply as a filmmaker, CLICK HERE 

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