Your donations and energy allow AWP to continue to provide countless Kids across the southeast and beyond with quality, fun, and exciting arts education. Your support of AWP’s non-profit mission of “changing the world one audience at a time” allows a staff with a passion for creativity and the youth with which we share this creative mission to thrive.

Time after time we have seen lives changed and careers launched. We have seen kids not only learn and love to act, but act as better young people by offering the hand of support and uplifting the talents, abilities and formative personalities of others. Your support has fostered this network of compassion and creativity.

2014 will mark the 33rd year that the AWP non-profit has been in existence. With you simple pledges of financial support, even on the smallest of scales, AWP can continue to bring your children programming that feeds their creative engines and makes them better young people.

It is our hope that you will visit us at AWP, tour our studios, help enroll those you know in great classes and continue to enjoy the creative products which our students and staff bring to life.

Thank you

Atlanta Workshop Players

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The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501 (c) (3)

NonProfit Corporation.  Tax ID # 58-1447366