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masqueradecrop-for-web-663x1024 The Atlanta Workshop Players is producing a highly entertaining, Character-Education, 90 minute, Movie Musical adapted from the successful stage play, MASQUERADE. This family-friendly movie will launch a widespread campaign of kindness and understanding to move us past the culture of bullying. Everyone has been affected by bullying in some way.It’s time to stand up, speak out and take action!

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What makes AWP different? It’s the stellar performers and staff who are passionate about using their talents to make the world a better place.  The news is filled with stories of hate.   Lynn Stallings said, “If you can teach people to hate, you can certainly teach people to love,” and that is what AWP does.  It’s more than professional training. AWP helps students find a ‘voice’……a voice strong enough to stand up for what is right. The school is a safe-haven for anyone to be themselves and walk through the doors to open arms because every person matters. Imagine a place where children discover their unique value and through the performing arts use their talents to make a positive difference. This is art with a purpose.


“Together we can, together we must…..change the world”

A Letter From an AWP Parent…

As a parent and as a concerned member of our Atlanta community, I am vested in seeing AWP expand its valuable, community out reach projects. For more than 34 years AWP has been transforming young lives through purposeful, experiential, confidence building, theatrical workshops, educational productions and performing arts camps. It has been breathtaking to witness the positive impact and hear amazing stories of thousands who could afford to come … AND thousands more who simply could not.

That’s right, as a non-profit, mission driven 501(C)3, AWP works feverishly to make its programs available to as many as possible, regardless of income or life circumstances. After all, every kid deserves a chance to change the world.

The difference will be up to YOU! Your help is needed now to help AWP keep “Changing the World One Audience At A time.”Please seize the moment right now to make a difference, and say …   YES, I want to help AWP! Join me by scrolling down now to make a tax deductible donation.

Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE
Author of Off Balance On Purpose
Hall of Fame Speaker
Member of Speakers Roundtable
President, Motivation Works, Inc.



Donate to Creativity!

Your donations and energy allow AWP to continue to provide countless kids across the southeast and beyond with quality, fun, and exciting arts education. Your support of AWP’s non-profit mission of “changing the world one audience at a time” allows a staff with a passion for creativity and the youth with which we share this creative mission to thrive.

Time after time we have seen lives changed and careers launched. We have seen kids not only learn and love to act, but act as better young people by offering the hand of support and uplifting the talents, abilities and formative personalities of others. Your support has fostered this network of compassion and creativity.

2016 will mark the 35th year that the AWP non-profit has been in existence. With your simple pledges of financial support, AWP can continue to bring your children programming that feeds their creative engines and makes them better human beings.

We invite you to visit  AWP, tour our studios, help enroll those you know in great classes and continue to enjoy the creative products which our students and staff bring to life.

The Atlanta Workshop Players is a 501 (c) (3)

NonProfit Corporation.  Tax ID # 58-1447366