“In the beginning the industry can swallow you whole.  That’s where CSA Film Academy stands apart.  Ken guides and directs not only the kids/teens, but parents as well.  From set etiquette to agent representation, headshots, the business side of the tv and film industry.  With Classes that cover a full array of acting techniques and business.  Our son, Kya,  was definitely prepared when Warner Bros. Called to cast him in the film “The Campaign”. We were too! We thank Ken and all his teachings and shared knowledge.  CSA is a great place!”  — Keith Haywood

Kya Haywood

Kya Haywood at the Hollywood Red Carpet Premiere of “The Campaign”

“I learned so much from Mr. Ken. Mr. Ken’s training helped me book my first Broadway show and laid the foundation for me to book more roles.” — Mary Stewart Sullivan, Young June Carter Cash, Lifetime’s Ring of Fire

Mary Stewart Sullivan

Mary Stewart Sullivan as young June Carter Cash in Lifetime movie “Ring of Fire”.

“Working with Mr. Ken and the film academy has been such an amazing experience! I have an acting education that people dream of.  Mr. Ken and the the other instructors are extremely thorough and help us dig deep inside ourselves to find our greatest potential!! My work has grown tremendously in the 3 years I’ve been at CSA.” Trey Best, The Blind Side, Joyful Noise, BET’s Reed Between the Lines.

Trey and Raven

Trey Best and Raven Simone after the opening of “Twist” directed by Debbie Allen

“Ken Feinberg is a very inspiring teacher. He has a great ability to find people’s strengths and then help them really enhance those qualities. He also strongly believes in his students and is able to transfer that belief to them. He has such a good heart and you can tell he really wants his students to succeed. Since working with Ken I have been booking like crazy…films, tv shows and commercials.”– Randall Taylor

Randall Taylor Vampire Diaries

Randall Taylor and Ian Somerhalder after a day of shooting “The Vampire Diaries”.

“Ken, thanks for all you have done to help Noah in his acting career. Your workshops and knowledge were instrumental in Noah landing lead roles in Playing for Keeps (opposite Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel) and Safe Haven (with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough). It is clear you have your finger on the pulse of the industry and you helped Noah hone his skills and perhaps most importantly, his confidence.” — Nick Lomax

Noah Lomax
 Noah Lomax starring in “Playig for Keeps” with Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gerrard Butler.

“Ken Feinberg’s CSA’s Film Academy gave my daughter Storm Reid a solid acting foundation that enabled her to land 2 feature films, 2 short films and a series regular role on a Nichelodeon all within one year of moving to LA.  The program is fantastic!”  — Robyn Reid 

Storm and Paul

Storm Reid with Paul Giamatti on   “Twelve Years a Slave”

“The Film Academy has given our son real set experience as well as confidence in the audition room and on set. He has grown as an actor, made great friends and most importantly, he is booking work! — Anne Major

Billy Elliot Poster

Ethan played Michael on the “Billy Elliot” Broadway tour.

“We LOVE Mr. Ken!! CSA has by far been one of the best experiences for KJ as a young actor.  Ken’s professional and “parental” approach to training has made a huge impact on him.” KJ won THE BEST ACTOR AWARD last year in the 48 Hour Film Project right after completing the CSA Film Academy program. — Teletra Saifulliah

Unnecessary Meanness DVD Cover Front graphicStorm-Reid-Kids-Choice-Awards


From what I can tell, Ken’s approach focuses on the practical side of the acting business–especially for kids. At her age, she doesn’t need to be studying acting theory. Nothing wrong with learning it later on, but for now, he has stressed that she needs to take it seriously (this is a business, after all) AND have fun. And, if she can’t do both, then this activity may not be for her. Additionally, he has taught her some really useful techniques she can use in auditions. On two auditions, this specific technique has helped her book the job.

If your child is serious about getting into the entertainment business, I highly recommend CSA.

— Stephanie Frost-Rocha






I’m becoming quite the cErica-Bierman-in-Hunger-Gamesonnoisseur of acting schools in Atlanta. Not really…but we have tried more than a few since my daughter began acting several years ago.

It’s kind of hard to measure the efficacy of a program and as long as my daughter was having fun, I didn’t feel like it mattered all that much. I try to look at acting classes as both a social activity as well as professional development endeavor. She’s enjoyed the classes she’s taken but if she missed one, she didn’t mind.

That all changed when she began Film Academy with Ken Feinberg at Creative Studios. First off, she LOVES it. She looks forward to it every week and refuses to ever miss class. Not only is it fun but Ken has been able to challenge her and in a very short time, her acting skills have improved dramatically.

She’s had an agent since she was 6 years old and has booked a few things here and there. However, in the 5 weeks she’s been at CSA, she has booked four big projects!!  It’s not coincidental because she has used several techniques Ken taught her in class. Recently, a casting director wanted to know where she trains because she was so impressed with her acting skills.

(Film Academy Graduate Erika Bierman as President Snow’s Granddaughter in Hunger Games)