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ACTING  A  to  Z – Learn everything from stage directions to acting with accents…..from physical comedy, to Improvisation….from theatre games to vocal projection,  all while having a blast! Ages 4-6 yrs. 

ACTING    – Explore TV/Film Acting, Improv and Musical Theatre through theatre games, scene study, improv, stage movement, character development, audition techniques, on-camera experience and performance opportunities.  Course ends with a production in the spring!! Ages 7-13 yrs.

ON-CAMERA ACTING  – Exploration of TV/Film, SitCom & Commercial Acting, Audition techniques & Camera Awareness for actors with some previous experience. Ages 10-18 yrs.

ON-CAMERA ACTING  -ADULTS – It’s time for your “REEL” career to take off! Take your skills to the next level as you dive into Commercial, Sit-Com, TV/Film Acting, Script Analysis & Audition Techniques. This On-Camera training program is designed for motivated adults with previous training.   Course includes:  On-Set Experience*  Camera Awareness* Cold Reading* Voice Over* Interview Skills* On-Set Etiquette* Personal Marketing* Personal Evaluation* Introduction to Agents & Casting Pros* Business of Show Business 

XTREME ACTING- The Ultimate Actor’s Challenge! Face extreme emotions! Act under safe, yet intense conditions of temperature, wind, rain…. Tackle physical challenges with stage combat and physical comedy. Tap into high-drama and break thru the limits! Gain experience & develop skills that are essential to a successful career in TV/Film *The Stellar Interview* Discover your ‘style’ & ‘type’* On-Set Jargon* Audition Crash Course* On-Set Experience* Guest Artists. Ages 10-18 yrs.

IMPROV/ SKETCH COMEDY– KIDS/ TEENS/ ADULTS Learn the secrets of dynamic Improvisation. Learn to use Improv as a performance art form, as a rehearsal tool & to enhance auditions. Make your audiences laugh, cry, wonder & guffaw. Let down your guard… and accept, heighten & explore your boundless imaginations through improv! Explore theatre techniques including: Comedic Script Interpretation, Character Development, Stage Movement & Audition Techniques. It’s a creative explosion! Ages 10- Adult.

THEATRE TIME HOP– Wanna time travel? Come on! We’ll start in Ancient Greece & travel thru theatre, all the way up to Modern Times. This hands-on, super fun, performance-based class features multiple ‘mini-shows’ throughout the year! Ages Tweens/Teens.

MUSICAL THEATRE DANCE – Increase your dance technique AND explore multiple dance styles with choreography from your favorite BROADWAY SHOWS!! Ages to & up. 

MUSICAL THEATRE VOICE– Unlock your vocal potential through expert training including: Healthy technique, intro to sight-singing & an exciting variety of musical theatre styles to build your audition song book!! Ages 10 & up.