AWP has a variety of amazing programs exclusively designed for adults! From scriptwriting to on-camera to industry workshops…


ON-CAMERA ACTING-ADULTS – It’s time for your “REEL” career to take off! Develop your on-camera acting skills as you dive into Commercial, Sit-Com, Television & Film Acting & Audition Techniques.

WRITING THE SHORT FILM – Ages 16-ADULT – Before you tackle that feature, you must master the short film!  We’ll take you through the basics of screenwriting and beyond, as you develop, write and revise your short.  At the end of the course, one lucky script will receive a full production by AWP’s Film Conservatory!  (12 weeks)

acting classes atlanta improv Jamie MooreSITCOM WRITING – Ages 16-ADULT – Think you could write for MODERN FAMILY?  What about PARKS AND REC?  Learn to craft comedy like the pros in a workshop that takes you from the initial brainstorm to a revised “spec” script of a half-hour sitcom!  Come in with an idea of which show you want to work on and be ready to write. (12 weeks)

IMPROV MANIA-ADULTS – Take your skills to the next level! Practice initiating scenes, building on your scene partner’s offers and creating scenes with a solid foundation to launch a compelling story.  Explore & apply the use of ‘environment’, character development, active listening and making your partner look good!


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PERFORMER  2  PRO – Launch your career with this unique 2-day workshop for Adults, Teens, Kids & Parents.  Both performers and parents learn the ‘business’ of show business and the essential fundamentals of TV/Film acting, helping to take you to that next level, from Performer to Professional!  Discuss how to get an agent or how to stay fresh on your agent’s mind.  Learn to market yourself with great headshots, develop a safe on-line presence & gain networking tips.  Practice auditions, cold reads, and interviews.  P2P culminates with the performers creating a Short Film.

WORK LIKE AN ACTOR, LIVE LIKE A KING – Being a successful actor means knowing more than just how to handle the business – it means knowing how to handle your LIFE.  Learn the secrets to building wealth, eliminating debt, and having it all – without busting the budget.  We’ll also cover tax write-offs for performers and the single most important thing you can do to reduce your healthcare costs.  One Day Workshop.

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