Jerry Bowman:  Jerry is a mesmerizing improv artist, mime, and filmmaker. He is a master teacher who has performed in commercials, television, and film

Ryan Darst: Ryan is a filmmaker with over 10 years experience directing narrative, commercials, music videos and new media. Graduate of the UCLA School of Film and Television with a concentration in Screenwriting.

Susie Duff:  Jerry is a mesmerizing improv artist, mime, and filmmaker. He is a master teacher who has performed in commercials, television, and film.

Rex Knowles:  Rex is an actor, writer, producer, teacher, improv junkie – has done about everything that needs to be done to put up a show on stage, television, and film. His productions have garnered dozens of awards.

Zach Laliberte: Zach is a wildly versatile performing artist and songwriter living in sunny Los Angeles. He is a mime, clown, theatrical, tv, and film actor, musician, and screenwriter.

Sherry Landrum: Sherry has directed over one hundred stage productions and has won two “best director” awards from Los Angeles Drama Critics. She co-founded, directs, and performs with the award-winning improv comedy group Chattanoodle.

Beth Leopard: Beth has been teaching dance since she was 16, winning numerous choreography awards and is a certified member of Dance Masters of America, Carolina Dance Masters, and Dance Educators of America

Summer Mitchell: Summer is an instructor of voice, piano, and guitar for all ages.  She is furthering her training at Belmont University where she is studying music production and song writing.

Jameson Moss: Jameson Moss: Jameson is an actor/musician currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. With such credits as a national Six Flags commercial, Hannah Montana, Phineas and Ferb, and Easy A.

Ashlyn Stallings: Ashlyn is a working actor and dancer who resides in New York City, she studied at a TV/Film Conservatory and has been in many short films and independent films.

Don Stallings: Don has performed “stand-up” to critical acclaim in New York, Los Angeles and throughout the Southeast.  He is a popular commercial talent and has enjoyed guest starring in television series.

Lynn Stallings: Lynn is the Founder & Executive Director of The Atlanta Workshop Players – Lynn is a producer, director, casting consultant and experienced talent manager in television and film. She has performed in dozens of commercials

Mary McBain: Mary McBain grew up in England. She is passionate about creating your own work & finding what you stand for.  Mary studied acting for TV/Film in New York City. She has written & produced her own webseries “How To Be a Brit in America,” as well as written and produced two shows in New York and Atlanta. She now resides in Los Angeles, California

Lysandra Petersson: Lysandra is a writer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a B.A. in creative writing, she has directed and edited short films and music videos, worked on a number of feature films and has written nine screenplays and a novel.

Mama Yeye: Mama Yeye is a dancer, choreographer, playwright and teacher who specializes in West African and Caribbean dance; Sharing culture and philosophy in each class.